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VSLA - care for houserent

Every household need incomings, can strengthen economically and deserves help on that.

Improve on households incomings and teach villagers to learn to save and get loans for sustainability by offering the Village Savings & Loans Association service.

To organize households into savings and loans self help groups of 30 with the aim of economic strengthening. We select households, we pick from the very vulnerable to the less vulnerable. We offer VSLA training to these households.


Any of the Zana community families but with priority given to the households we have chosen.

How can you be part of it
We shall hold a community meeting and ask the local council chairperson to be apart of it. From there we shall do a door-to-door sensitization visit. After that, we shall have a meeting with all the members visited, including those not visited in the presence of the local leaders. We shall them deseminate VSLA information. Those that agree to join shall form groups of between 15-30 people. We shall give priority to our selected households to join these formed groups.

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