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2017-04-11 Launch of the website

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2018-06-25 Roof for the centre
with help of some of  Our Friends


The interviews were touching. We decided to start an NGO and to organise a charity event,
Fight for Education. Nasser & Johanna invested and we raised donations for organising the
event on 29 Nov. 2015. We showed the kids that skills & self-confidence lead to results (see the
news here). Led by Boyz, Fight for Education II took place in 2017.


The roots lay in 2010, in Zana with two boxers, which became in 2011 Nasserís Junior Boxing
Academy - an academy offering boxing training aiming at keeping youngsters from pocket
picking and drug abuse. Nasser partnered with Peace via Dialogue* in 2015, a charity program
of Van Wijk Consult, a Dutch registered sole proprietorship since 2008.
The NGO is born from Nasserís Junior Boxing Academy collaborating with Van Wijk Consult -
Peace via Dialogue. The Academy operates as branch for the NGO, in a way that it provides all
facilities needed to produce new boxers. The Academy aims at growing towards a World Class
Gym. Peace via Dialogue, the voluntary program of Van Wijk Consult, also operates as a
branch, partner for the NGO, for all of the aspects of the program (workshops, coaching,
empowerment et cetera). The program is born from Van Wijk Consult getting involved in
International Cities of Peace. Erick Kiggundu, vice president of Holy Spirit Global Ministries, and
Moses Nsubuga, team member of this NGO, are now initiating Zana City of Peace.

The Zana Social Development organisation is registered December 5th. 2016.

* Peace via Dialogue offers dialogue training & facilitation, conflict resolution services, inner 
     peace coaching and inspiration therapy
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