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2017-04-11 Launch of the website

2017-04-26 Order your t-shirt here

2018-06-25 Roof for the centre
with help of some of  Our Friends

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Actual projects

- VSLA - Village Savings & Loans Association service (we partner with Jonathan Djumbe Djorkaeff, who has mentored us to set up this service) - contact us (Frida) to help roll it out
- Gardening project (we partner with Ali Tebandeke, who is teaching & guiding us in the principles of organic & social gardening) - contact us to help roll it out
- Boxing for Peace (Knocking out Nonsense) - lead by Jolanda
- Peace via Dialogue program - lead by Jolanda
- our building & seperate office (contact us when you can help us finishing this ambition)

- empowerment & education
(contact us when you would like to donate)

- health & sanitation (we inform our members and look for partners to provide health care. We want to establish an hospital attachment and we want to partner with aid and development organisations, government and local organisations for providing information to people, training caregivers and for funding)

- women sports (also for non-members/donation basis, contact us when you like to participate)
- kids photo albums (this needs a good camera and some materials). A photo album reflecting the kidīs moments in growing up is nice and positive. For the kids and for the parents/caretakers. Capture moments such as birthdays, school performances, boxing training and - fights and other special and ordinary moments in the kidīs life. We will organise a meeting with the kids and parents/caretakers and offer the project. Those who want, will be registered for the project. Per kid a file will be kept. Kids leaving receive their album (printed).

- craft work class (this needs materials too), contact Frida.

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