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2017-04-11 Launch of the website

2017-04-26 Order your t-shirt here

2018-06-25 Roof for the centre
with help of some of  Our Friends 

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- Improve and strengthen physical condition of youngsters, keeping them from health problems

- Keep them from pocket picking and drugs abuse, let them become more aware of their talents

- Get them to school for education, talent development and social development

- Include and indulge the families / caretakers in working towards a better life by listening to them, engaging them in community meetings and helping them in developing solutions to their challenges and living off their talents and dreams

- Teach villagers to learn how to save and get loans for sustainability by offering the Village Savings & Loans Association service

- Produce new boxing champions & develop talent in other sports

- Guiding & facilitating cooperation with partner organisations and government.
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